“I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m here and I’m listening; and there is still joy in this world.” Chalice by Robin McKinley
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fire emblem
fire emblem awakening


Another one!! Can’t resist drawing these T Q T
Cat! Cordelia! Turtlenecks hnfd <3

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yo the last one


Fio Nuttall

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studio ghibli


Studio Ghibli | 1985 - 2014

After recent rumors of Studio Ghibli closing their animation department and the low box office numbers for When Marnie Was There, it was time to make an appreciation post for a company that has created true movie magic again and again. So, thank you, Studio Ghibli. Hopefully it isn’t good-bye just yet. Studio Ghibli is no longer producing animated films. So here’s to you, Ghibli, and everything you’ve given us.

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Brittney reblogs butts




A+ camera angle

#it’s not your beauty it’s your booty

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harry potter



Disguised as a Mayan ruin in the jungles of Chiapas, the Mexican School for Enriched Magical Studies is a sturdy moss-covered structure blanketed by lush greenery. The students are no strangers to muggle tourists ambling about, and will often pose as fellow tourists or locals and interact with them, making them one of the most outgoing, lively, and tolerant communities in the wizarding world. For festivals, students like to don vibrant headdresses, and the school becomes a kaleidoscope of colour as girls twirl around like tops, their skirts lifting up into the air, filling empty space with colour and painting the school with embellished splendour. The campus often reverberates with music from the school’s ghost mariachi band who plays cheerfully day and night; although it tends to get annoying at times, the constant activity makes the school feel like home.
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kat I promise i will do... the 4 C's
brittney talks

so today I spent way too much time on making a pintrest board for this story?? When I’m supposed to be doing homework???? And the board has like some spoopy elements to it like it’s SUPPOSED TO but mostly it just looks like it could be teen drama story.

AND i finally got tickets to Rick Riordan’s event yess

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Anonymous sent: i'm not sure if my ask got eaten are not but do you have any tips for doing country lolita in the winter


I think knit and crochet items would be great additions for Country Lolita in the winter. They’re cute and cozy and look great with lace and still sort of keep the outdoorsy country feel. You can of course still utilize a lot of the usual motifs used in Country Lolita, but I think muted florals and tartan are especially good options for Winter. Here’s an example of Winter Country Lolita that I really love.

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animal crossing
omfg i have apple in my town
Anonymous sent: Do you want Apple to be Hulk


why would anyone want this

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wear your armor

whether it’s makeup, a band tshirt, your fandom pins, tattoos, jewelry, your favorite ripped pair of jeans, or something no one else can touch or see like your favorite song repeating like a mantra in your head, the sound of your own heartbeat, or the knowledge that you were brave enough to get out of bed today when everything else inside you said “no”

wear your armor and kick ass